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Space Solar Power Satellites

February 19th, 1999 No comments

“Energy Sources” is one of the few courses that I like. Our teacher really knows his stuff and his classes are very interesting. For the final paper we had to talk about a new energy source so I decided to talk about Space Solar Power Satellites (SSPS). It is an incredible concept, wonder why they don’t deploy it *.


Space Solar Power. Source: NASA

Space Solar Power. Source: NASA


* 2010: Now I know that SSPS is way too expensive to justify the investment; there are cheaper and quicker ways to generate energy here on Earth. However, I am of the same opinion as Dr. David Livingston, and that¬†some money should be diverted for research. Who knows, something interesting may come out of it. For more information on this topic, use the following keywords:¬†“space solar”

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