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Internship@Peruvian Space Agency

Tomorrow I start as one of the two interns for the Peruvian Space Agency. This is great! I was afraid that I had to make my internship in a bank doing a boring internship *.

I don’t know exactly what I am going to work on, but it doesn’t matter. This is a one-in-chance opportunity that, I hope, will help me in my future career in the space industry.

On other news, I’ve found that there is an alternative to the Master in Space Studies in the University of North Dakota; I can use some of my credits in industrial engineering to finish aerospace engineering in a university like UT Austin.

Have to research more, though, specially scholarships and grants since these degrees are quite expensive.


CONIDA’s logo. Source: CONIDA


* 2010: If possible, experience a boring internship or job. It will make you appreciate and value a job that you are passionate about.