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Introduce yourself!*

September 21st, 2004 No comments

Name: Manuel Antonio Cuba
Location: Lima, Peru
1) Technical Specialist for Peru & Bolivia
Image & Printing Group – Hewlett Packard
2) Writer
Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering, Universidad of Lima (2000)
Conida (National Aerospace Commision of Research & Development)
1000 Planets
HighLift Systems

Interest in SE: I joined 1KP ranks when I saw Michael’s post in the forum back in August 2001. After a series of good and bad things at 1KP, I went in july 2002 to Bremerton, working 25×8 for the 1st Space Elevator Conference. Unfortunately we didn’t receive the support we expected and accepted my actual post at HP here in Peru in December 2002. Been out of the loop for the last two years paying old debts and publishing my first two science fiction books. Now I can breath a little (visited Liftport in may) and I am doing my thesis on the space launch market for my Master in Industrial Engineering.

*This entry was originally posted in Liftport’s blog.

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