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October 12th, 2005 No comments

Some time since I posted something so it’s about time. First, the disclaimer.

Although the llama is considered our national animal, we must say that we, the Peruvian branch of LPG, didn’t have anything to do with it’s election as Liftport’s mascot. Is a mere coincidence of which we are proud of.

Locally little has happened, only more reunions with the university regarding the thesis. And I must admit that I have been a bit out of the loop with the space industry news. Ok, I know that the Chinese launched their second manned mission and that the third space tourist landed safely couple of days ago, but haven’t heard any Space Show’s, Planetary Radio or read Space Ref column’s. So I have a lot to catch up in the following months (but I finished Red Mars, again, and started Green Mars)

As a reminder, the top 3 priorities right now are the radio interview, the school talks and the web’s translation to Spanish. Aka, SE awareness.

Mmm, we should change our post from LARC to LAPR: Latin America Public Relations. Well, experience show’s us that your job title is only a fraction of all the stuff you end doing.

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