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Yo solo quiero pegar en la radio*

December 17th, 2005 No comments

Yesterday JL and I had a radio interview in 1160, one of the biggest radio stations in Peru. It went great! Both the ladies that interviewed us didn’t know a bit about the SE but after the interview they were quite proud that two Peruvians were in the project. And they liked it so much that we are going to return in february!

Unfortunately with only 30 minutes we didn’t have enough time to explain the whole concept of the space elevator, and use some numbers so the public could understand why are we going to build it; but there were interesting questions that we expected. For example, what were our comments about UFO and ET technology, which JL answered since he is quite an expert answering them (for the record, we don’t believe on it and we don’t use ET technology, it’s hard-working human sweat).

The one I was expecting was the 9/11 scenario but no one asked it. Maybe it was because of the small window of time we had for answering each question.

Now, I have to hear to my friends feedback on how they perceived it. I hope I didn’t sound like Doc Brown, hehe.

Finally, I want to make public “thank you” to Luis Bolaños for contacting us with the program. Gracias mano!

*This entry was originally posted in Liftport’s blog.

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