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Not so lost in translation*

Great! WordPress has been updated. I like this new format a lot more.

Well, it resulted that I didn’t have to destroy our web page to learn CRM. Seth came to rescue us and now we only have to send him the text (indicating, of course, where does it go).

By now we have translated 8 sections of the web page, I hope that by when JL comes from Orlando from vacations, we will have most of the web page in Spanish (the basic sections, at least. We will never be able to have the forum and blogs translated).

Updating myself on the Space Show (I am in the 2003 programs yet), I’ve found a couple of very interesting editions of the show that will help me on my thesis. I will comment them on later posts.

*This entry was originally posted in Liftport’s blog.

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Know your market*

June 13th, 2006 1 comment

Every once in a while I comment about the negative comments I receive regarding the Space Elevator. Specially from those people who think that we are a horrible bunch of individuals who are wasting money in loony projects instead of using them for more noble causes. E.g., giving it to the poor.

It has taken me almost four years to learn how to answer them. It isn’t easy but I am darn proud of what I have learned. But that doesn’t mean that my learning process has stopped. As a matter of fact, I have found something more to do.


Ribbon deployed. Source: Liftport Group.


Almost every week I check 10 sites through Google, searching for Space Elevator news in Spanish and responding the posted comments. It wasn’t until today that I thought of something. What if I do an analysis of what is bothering people? How many negative and positive comments exist, and which are the most common questions?

Oh, I know much of that info but as once I learned in HP while improving customer satisfaction, there may be more than meets the eye.

I’ll maintain you updated on the advances of this small study.

* This entry was originally posted in Liftport’s blog.

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Welcome Greece!*

We want to welcome Chris Vrakotas, webmaster of the web page

He will help us translating the main parts of the web page to Greek.

Welcome aboard Chris!

*This entry was originally posted in Liftport’s blog.

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Late on updates*

I should have posted this days ago, but I’ve had so much work these days that it wasn’t possible to do it. Fortunately I have finished my work for today and have some free time.

In my opinion, the talk at the Station of Desamparados went more or less fine. Why? Because I prolonged myself one hour! That goes against anything I believe regarding presentations.

Anyhow, I wasn’t asked the question regarding airplanes and the Space Elevator, but one person asked me why we don’t invest that money into the poor. I explained him that we were a private company and that our responsibility with society was the generation of wealth. The welfare of the citizens of the country was a task managed by governments.

It seems that I didn’t explain myself good enough because he made the same question. I explained again, but with more detail. At the end, he understood. He even gave me a hand shake when the presentation finished.

But the nicest thing about the exposition was the following excerpt from an email that a friend, Daniel Salvo, sent. It was the first time he heard me exposing about the Space Elevator:

“Mac, if the people at your company used you as a presenter, you would get the financing in no time”.

Gee, it seems that after four years of this I’ve started to get a grip on this.

*This entry was originally posted in Liftport’s blog.

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