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Book presentation*

The book presentation was simply amazing. Daniel gave a great speech about the purpose of his book and thanked Liftport for our help. He even asked me to raise my hand so the audience could identify me. There was a real Peruvian working on this! Afterward I went to the booth to ask Daniel to sign my copy, but for my surprise people were asking me to sign their copies too! Funny, I think it will be the first and only time I autograph someone else book.

*This entry was originally posted in Liftport’s blog.

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God Is Peruvian / Dios Es Peruano*

A month ago I was at the offices of the Public Ministry doing an ergonomics paper for my Master degree. While they were showing me the installations, we came to the “fridge”, the room where all the servers are stored. They told me that they had many types of problems with several brands, but, in the case of HP, the local post-sales service was great. As a former HP employee, it made me proud, because I knew the HP authorized provider who offered the service and the people who sold that solution to the State.

I have 10 years of sales experience and I believe that, if you have a good product, selling is easy. You only need to have a good relation with your clients and everything will go great. So, I simply don’t get it when I ask a provider for a service and they simply do not do things right or on time. How do they stay in business?

Alas, it seems that it doesn’t limit to my family business. From what I read below, HQ is having similar problems up there.

Anyway, leaving my usual rant behind, I must announce that this 24thof July, at 7pm, Daniel Titinger will present his book at the Convention Center of the Jockey Plaza. The name of the book is “God Is Peruvian”.

If case you don’t know what I am talking about, Daniel Titinger is a Peruvian reporter who made the trip all the way to Seattle to make an article on Liftport for the magazine “Etiqueta Negra”. Afterwards, he expanded the article and added it to this new book. We want to congratulate Daniel from here and thank him for all of the support he has given to us. Great work Daniel!

And yes, we will be there.

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