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Comment analysis*

October 27th, 2006 No comments

Ok, I should have posted this a long time ago (and a lot more since many things have happened lately). But I will explain that in it’s due moment, so let’s go back to the post.

Finally, I finished the comment analysis on all the Spanish speaking sites that I could find in the Internet. Eliminating repeated sites (there are hundreds of them), I analyzed 117 sites where the Space Elevator was commented by people.

From these 117 sites, I obtained 337 comments. These comments were divided into four categories:


Positive comments are those in which we are encouraged to continue our work, or where people are impressed of what we are doing. Negative comments, well, it explains by itself.

Questions, are those comments in which people want to find more. Their position is neutral, so they couldn’t be assigned to the first two categories. Finally, non-related comments are those commentaries that are not related, in any way, to the Space Elevator. For example ‘Hi Judy, long time without seeing you’.

Now the results:

Non-related comments 34%
Negative 33%
Positive 25%
Questions 8%

The negative comments where divided into the following categories:

Make fun out of it 29%
Impossible to build 28%
Inadequate use of money 10%
Think about the poor! 7%
They want to make a lot of money! 6%
Stupid idea 5%
They are a bunch of scammers 4%
Terrorism fear 3%
Heretics 3%
They stole the idea 2%
Funny to see it destroyed 2%
Other solutions for reaching space 2%

The positive comments where divided into the following:

Interesting 65%
It must done for the sake of humanity 25%
Great work 10%

Finally, the questions:

What kind of surface/space anchor does it use? 16%
What if something/someone broke it? 16%
Capacity of the CNT ribbon 12%
Where can I find more information? 12%
How is it maintained 8%
What about the damage caused by the atmosphere 8%
Cable dimentions 4%
Influence of celestial objects 4%
What about tsunamis? 4%
Does the technology exist for building it? 4%
What about air traffic? 4%
What about space debris? 4%
What is it’s benefit? 4%

Since I don’t want to make this a huge post, I will only make three comments:

– 3 % of the people who made negative comments think that we should burn in hell.
– There is a lot of people in favor of it…but not enough. We’ve got a lot of work to do.
– One of the “big winners” in the question category continues to be the ‘what if an airplane or someone breaks it?’

*This entry was originally posted in Liftport’s blog.

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