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I neeeeds caffeine*

January 25th, 2007 No comments


Yesterday there was a reunion at my house that lasted until 6.00am. Although I was not part of it (hey! I work Fridays), I only slept three hours due to the noise.

And no, it wasn’t my sister’s reunion, but my parents! I don’t know how my Dad woke up at 7.30am and went to work. Anyhow, Carlos Tello has finished the first draft of his essay about Verne and Space Science. He has it sent to Alvaro (the movie director) and me so we can proofread it. Hence, I have a lot of work to do this weekend.

On other news, I found this article in


Interesting, isn’t it? Especially since, according to the Space Foundation Space Report, the aerospace index had a better ROI than S&P. Help us and yourself! The Space Elevator needs a growing space industry.

*This entry was originally posted in Liftport’s blog.

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B2B – Addendum*

January 23rd, 2007 No comments

Oh shoot, I forgot to mention two things:

– In December I was Main Arbiter for the First Lego League here in Peru. One of the challenges that the teams had to affront was to collaborate in the operation of a Space Elevator.

– I am giving technical advisory to Carlos Tello, who is writing an essay about Jules Verne called ‘Apolo XI: From Verne to the Moon’. He is going to participate in an Essay Contest at one of the biggest universities here in Peru.

You know, that’s the problem of leaving behind your twenties. Once you are thirty-plus, you tend to forget things, hehehe…

*This entry was originally posted in Liftport’s blog.

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Back to business*

January 23rd, 2007 No comments

Sorry people for not being able to post things in the blog; there were some IT issues that, thankfully, have been resolved.

There has been a LOT going on:

-The first movie in which a Space Elevator will appear (and its a Peruvian movie!!!). It has already won a prize in Argentina and it is going after a prize in Europe.
-Another book from Daniel Titinger in which he is going to mention the Space Elevator
-The first hurdle for publishing my thesis has been overcome; two to go now.
-The UN OOSA invited me to Spain in order to give a talk about the SE and 3rd world nations. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend due to personal reasons.
-I have embarked in the quest of creating an economic analysis of the SE. Horrendously complex but it is time to do it.
-I am applying for a scholarship at the ISU for the SSP & MSM program.
-A local TV channel wants to go to Seattle to make a report about Liftport & the SE. Hopefully, they will be able to go when we are making our newest test.

Phew, I think that is it, for now. I will give further details in the following days.

Take care everyone.

*This entry was originally posted in Liftport’s blog.