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February 1st, 2007 No comments

Well, just finished reading Cristian’s essay. Pretty impressive piece of work; he has managed to resume, in 130+ pages, the life of Verne, his books, and the history of how humankind went from the Earth to the Moon.

On the other hand, the meeting with Daniel went great. We talked a lot about Peru & Space. It is interesting but there are like 10 Peruvians around the world working for space related projects. Hey! We even have our own astronaut, Carlos Noriega!

Plus, we use tons of space technology for our main industries: mining, fisheries, forestry & agriculture. And let’s not forget about those taxis that wander through our city with the sign that reads: “Warning. This car is protected against robbery by a satellite. This service is provided by company X.”

Once Daniel has gathered all the information, we will meet with Alvaro (the movie director). I estimate that it will be in February or March, but I must confess that I am pretty eager about it.

And what about the economic analysis of the Space Elevator? A very nice headache, thanks. But a very interesting one. I hope that in a month I will have a first draft. However, here are some interesting numbers that I have been considering as part of the analysis:

Employees: 150,000+
Annual Revenue: US$90+ billion
R&D money: U$3.6 billion

Employees: 150,000+
Annual Revenue: US$55+ billion
R&D money: U$3 billion

BTW, it was quite a relief to know that no one was hurt in the explosion of Sea Launch’s Zenit. A pity though. I hope that they can find the error soon.

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