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Module 2, Week 7: TWiR

Week 7 was focused on best practices in project management, career planning and Team Project. During career planning I met Prof. Dr. Bernd Madauss, who worked several years at SES Astra. He gave me great advice on how to improve my CV.

In the field of Team Project, Thursday was a disaster. We asked the faculty to preview our Friday’s presentation and the feedback was quite negative. Therefore we had to redo the presentation in less than 8 hours. On Friday things went much, much better. Tip for future classes, sleep before a presentation!

In the lighter side of things, I sent this ultimatum to the class (if you don’t understand, Google guinea pigs south park):


I just washed enough dishes to supply the Grand Armee during the Napoleonic Wars (including the 100 days). If you don’t wash your dishes from now on, the Sacred Inca Spirits of the Mountains (Apus) will curse you by removing your local Peruvian flute band. So, if you are attacked by a giant Guinea Pig on your way home, don’t say you were not warned.

Enjoy your evening!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if this email affects your past/present/future life(s).

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