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This is the end my friends. I hope you have enjoyed these 200 posts on how I arrived to ISU, my experience studying the Space Studies Program at Ames and the Master in Space Management in Strasbourg, and how I complemented my career in Information Technology with Communications.

Looking back, it is the best thing I’ve done. Since the day I quit my job in Hewlett-Packard (almost 2 years to the day), this has been a roller coaster that I will never forget.

Just think about it, in little more than a year I have traveled to the USA, South Korea, France, Germany, Russia, Spain and Luxembourg, I have moved almost 10 times, befriended 200+ amazing people, got lost in Daejeon, touched Yuri Gagarin’s capsule, learned how to write a conference paper, learned the intricacies of the telecom sector, partied Russian rock & roll from the 80’s in Moscow, spent a white Christmas in France, worked on a project for the World Bank, traveled around the world, met dozens of astronauts, do a presentation in an international congress, spent two months at NASA Ames Research Center…you get the point.


Central and North America. Source: NASA/GOES Project.


What awaits me now? Well, I have been invited to be part of the Space Committee for Plan Peru 2040, a Strategic Plan created by Peru’s College of Engineers that is to be presented to the new Peruvian Government in 2011. Almost all of the members of the Space Committee are part of the Multidisciplinary Advisory Group, so it is going to be great to continue working with them.

And in the professional realm, I am returning to Luxembourg to work in a new and exciting project in telecommunications. I really look forward to go back to work, see my friends from SES and enjoy Lux City.

Finally, I plan to travel more, a lot more. This year has been quite intense for me (as my classmates have witnessed), so as soon I finish moving (again), Europe awaits me.

And the solar system too.

Take care!

Strasbourg, October 31st 2010

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