May 27th, 2015

I was born in Lima, Peru, in June 28th, 1976. Since school my imagination pushed me to become a writer, but when I stumbled with Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, my future was not that clear anymore.

Plus, I thought that writing doesn’t pay the bills. Hence, still inspired by Sagan’s imaginary voyage in space and time, I went for a degree in Industrial Engineering.

My idea was to leverage on it so, one day, I could join the global space workforce and contribute with humanity’s goal to become a multi-planetary species.

Back in 1993, I knew it was going to be hard, but it was a lot harder than I expected.

By the end of last century, I was an exhausted undergraduate with little opportunities. After seven years struggling with math and science, the dream of space seemed unreachable.

I persevered, though. Day by day, I studied and worked. It took me an additional decade to do it, but after 17 years, I joined the #1 satellite operator in the world.

And how did I get the job? Was it because of my degrees, recommendations and experience?

Partly, but the key differentiator was that I am a darn good writer; a highly valuable skill when writing complex proposals.

This blog is a summary of that story. It goes back to my notes in the final years of my undergraduate degree to the day I went back to Luxembourg.

I hope you find it of interest and, if you have a similar dream, it serves you as guide and inspiration.

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