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Module 5, Week 2: TWiR

Time flies! The second week is already over and in only ten more weeks I will be traveling back to Strasbourg for my internship presentation. Luckily the weather here in Luxembourg is improving, but they tell me it is always like that, some days of sun followed by many days of rain. I must say that I like it, especially thunders. The only thunders I heard in Lima were the terrorist bombs during the 80’s and 90’s, so obviously I prefer nature‚Äôs demonstration of power.


Early Bird satellite. Source: NASA.


This week I continued with my project and even had the opportunity to relate things I saw in our professional visit to Google and the work done through the SSP Team Project. And even though I miss my friends and the ISU environment, it is nice to be in a corporation after so long.

I’ll better enjoy it as much as I can for in 3 months I am starting my MBA!