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Last events*

Shame on me. I should have written about the last events as they happened.

The first, I finally received the university’s comments on my thesis. They are happy about it, but they want a more detailed economical analysis of the launch industry and an additional chapter on the costs regarding the creation of one.

Can do both. The problem is that I have one month, ha! Well, will try. If I can’t do it, I will have to take the course again. Doesn’t matter, though, I want it to be perfect.

The second thing, JL & I had mentioned before we had established contact with a local magazine for making an article on the Space Elevator. This last two weeks we’ve had two additional interviews (one on the technical aspects, the other one on the human side of the LA staff, that is, both of us) and in 15 or so hours the reporter is taking his plane to Seattle for an interview with the Bremerton staff.

He is going to stay 4 days and take note on everything we can show him on the Space Elevator. From all of our stuff to the hectic day by day of the Liftport offices. It’s a pity I can’t be there, argh.

Note. It’s the first time a Latin American media source covers the Space Elevator project with it’s own information and not a media press downloaded from the Internet. At the time being, if you make a search on spanish, you won’t find accurate news, sigh.

*This entry was originally posted in Liftport’s blog.

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