So, you want to study@ISU?

May 27th, 2015

For several months I’ve tried to write this section but I always stumbled upon the same question, what should I write about?

At first I thought I should write a brief description of my experience at the International Space University, but I realized that could be read in the blog. Then I thought about the difficulties of the Master, but that also goes in the blog. What about the USD/EUR behind the program? Well, there is already a tab on how much it costs.

Having said that I will write about the two issues that worries everyone: how good is the program and how do I get a paid internship? (housing is another issue, but there is information on that in the blog).

The program is what you make out of it. It is a cliché, I know, but it is true. Before spending serious money on it, make your due diligence by reading blogs and guides from previous students and ask yourself if it is the right moment in your career.

I’ve been following ISU since 2001 and it took me eight years until I had the experience and resources to make me feel comfortable about the decision. And it paid off, SSP and MSM were an amazing, unique experience for me.

About the internship, usually they are unpaid internships, so take that into account when making your budget. I was about to write what I think is the average amount for paid internships but I decided not to do it. I don’t want to create false expectations or future accusations/complaints.

For those thinking about the big EUR or USD, I really think that your internship should not be based on how much money you will make, but what you like.

That may sound contradictive from someone who comes from the corporate world, but the truth is that your body language is completely different when you work on something you like. That way you will do a good internship and increase the chances of being offered a job.

After all, the balance protects, the balance provides.

Note: the name of this sections is based on an old computer video game called Hero’s Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero, later renamed to Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero? The funny thing is that the first game of the series was located somewhere between France and Germany. Where is Baba Yaga?

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