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Module 5, Week 1: TWiR

Due to a public holiday, the first week of my internship was only four-days, which I don’t like. Why? Four-day working weeks means that in four days you have to do what takes five days.

Fortunately the transition to SES was rather quickly. HR introduced me to the team and afterwards I received a crash course on the project I was going to work on.

It is really interesting; but the best of all is that I will be able to use my experience from HP, My Babelfish, and the knowledge gained at the International Space University, both during the Space Studies Program at NASA Ames and the Master in Space Management in Strasbourg.


Early morning sunrise over the Grand Canyon. Source: NASA.

Early morning sunrise over the Grand Canyon. Source: NASA.


Besides work, we are officially established in Luxembourg. We paid the landlord, registered in the commune and bought the bus/train pass. And thanks to Elodie (ISU alumni working in SES Associate Program) we will not have to spend 2 hours to get to SES (two buses + train).

Still, I will miss the train. In Peru it represents a minuscule percentage of public transport. For reasons beyond my comprehension, our political leaders dismissed their importance.

Although it is changing, it is too late. According to Proexpansion, Peru losses USD 6.6 billion per year due to inefficiencies caused by our chaotic traffic.